Grostè a paradise in Summer and Winter

6 May 2022

Over 1400 entries and on the way to 1550 (same altitude as Madonna di Campiglio) 
Two of the key stages of 5 Days Italy 2022 will be in Grostè area, right in the heart of Brenta Dolomites. The area is all-year round playground for mountain and sport lovers. In winter the  area is covered in snow and it becomes a paradise for all the skier. Event the Moto GP World Champion Valentino Rossi is often seen on skies in the area.
Check out Valentino Rossi in Madonna di Campiglio HERE

In summer instead when the snow is melted, a beautiful green grass covers the whole area and thanks to the numerous terrain features, Grostè becomes a paradise for Orienteers and for hiking lovers.
Cannot believe it? Check it out yourself 🙂
Enter at 5 Days Italy 2022 we are sure that you will love it!