Ready in two weeks!

MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO – Just over 400 hours from the start of the first sprint stage in Madonna di Campiglio, only 73 places remain in the competition in normal classes, with June 26th as the start day on the final stretch of the legendary “3Tre” ski slope. The Event Center of the event will be open as early as Saturday 23rd June for the first accreditations and for those who want to try the terrain in the model event which will be ready in the area.
The heart of the event will, therefore, be, for a whole week, PalaCampiglio of Madonna di Campiglio , an important and modern structure overlooking the pond and the gardens where the arrival of the first stage will be and just a few hundred meters from the city center.
The secretariat will be places at the convention center – 6000 square meters with multipurpose rooms up to 600 places – together with the info point, the media office, the general logistics office, and, probably, a TV lounge with every day best moments and some testimonial champions as well as the international speaker Per Forsberg.

The awards of the single days – weather permitting – will be scheduled in the late afternoon of Tuesday 26th and Friday 29th June in Piazza Sissi in Madonna di Campiglio where you will be able to live the vibes of the city center.

In the meantime – after the last snow – the finishing touches of the cartographers are taking places with the latest adjustments and verifications of the case (in the photos Raus, Bezzi and Ongania on the Grostè)

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