Update from the OC

TRENTO – After the Christmas Holidays and at just five months from our Event, the work of the O.C. 5 Days Italy – Campiglio 18 has began again. A lot of news and points to discuss in last week meeting of the Committe, together with General Secretary Andrea Rinaldi and Janos Manarin as Technical Event Director. Also the number of entries is growing, after the first deadline last October, reaching over 900 runners already entered to the competiton. The goal of 1000 is getting closer and closer.

In the next month another important meeting with the local authorities and tourism board is planned to get better details about the event center location and rooms, at Madonna di Campiglio Palawroom di Campiglio, and also to find out about new logistic possibilities for both runners and the staff, and final details about the stages.

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CO Campiglio 18 from left to right: Mauro Gazzerro, Andrea Rinaldi, Lino Orler, Janos Manarin, Giuseppe Simoni e Marco Bezzi