Anna Chelnova:”The best way of visiting country is taking part in competitions!”

Anna Chelnova, 20 years old orienteer from Russia, has been with us at 5 Days of Italy for the last two years and she is also going to come this year as well! We had the chance to interview her and know more about her love for running in Dolomites and ask why she would recommend 5 Days of of Italy competitions to other orienteers and nature lovers.

-Hello Anna it is great to have you back, it will be your third time in Dolomites participating at 5 Days of Italy, what brings you back?

First of all, I am in love with Italy,  its nature and cuisine! That’s why I always try to use every opportunity to visit this country. I’m an orienteer and the best way of visiting country for me is taking part in competitions! I love mountains, Italian nature and organization of competitions – owning to it I’m taking part in 5 Days of Italy at the third time.

-What did you like most about of 5 Days of Italy 2019?

So, I liked prices! I won the third day and I got cheese and nice socks as a price. And obviously about nature and courses because those were always amazing!

-Tell us something about the terrain and courses, you faced last year. What else did you enjoy and also do despite running the orienteering races last year?

High mountains, beautiful sides and complicated sprint. In 2019 I was shocked after middle in the city: it was the hardest day of the 5 days.


-What are you planning to visit and try this year?

I’m really looking forward to the trail-days! Sometimes it is a pleasure for me to run and not to think about my way. I imagine how beautiful can be trails in Alps.

-Do you have some favorite Italian food and wine?

Yes, of course I have! Pinot Grigio is my favorite wine and I really love pizza with prosciutto.

-This year you should taste Trentodoc, traditional sparkling wine, made in Trentino right close to Paganella!

-I can’t miss this opportunity!

-Would you recommend 5 Days of Italy to people?

-Oh of course, I do it regularly!

Thank  you very much Anna your answers and we look forward to see you and many others at 5 Days of Italy 2020!
Photo: Anna Chelnova