Day 1 – Sprint in Madonna di Campiglio

Stage 1 – RESULTS

Grand opening day in Madonna di Campiglio of 5 Days of Italy 2018, with almost 2000 competitors challenging each other in the narrow streets and stairways of Madonna di Campiglio.
The Italian champion Riccardo Scalet (18′ 40″ – PWT Italia) wins the race ahead of Albin Ridefelt (OK Linné, +01’02”) and Emil Wingstedt (Halden SK,  +01’09”) and the Norwegian Marion Huber wins the women class, with a tight fight with Heini Wennman (SK Pohjantähti,  +00’10”) and Agnes Leo (Halden SK,  +00’11”).
The location and a fantastic day did the rest giving the participants a day of sport and excitement, where everything worked perfectly and the first compliments to the Organizing Committee arrived from the participants: “Everything worked very well, you worked hard and you have shown that you can really organize the best” the comment of the world champion Jorgen Martensson, today a FISO partner for the 5 Days project.
And for day 2 we climb to 2085 meters of the Grostè where in front of the Boch refuge will be set up the arena for the arrival of the second and third stages of this five days.