Day 2 – Middle at Grosté

Stage 2 – RESULTS

Overall results after 2 stage

Middle distance today at the “5 Days of Italy” with the successes of the Finnish Heini Wennman (48’43”) and the Swedish Fredrik Bakkman in 42’00”.
Today’s winner, born in 1986, has been World and European Champion in Relay. In second place his compatriot Max Peter Bejmer (+00’49”) and Albin Ridefelt (+01’12”) in third.
The men’s general classification now sees Max Peter Bejmer (1h:02’39”) ahead of Bakkman by just 2″ and Ridefelt by 15″; Jonas Pilblad in fourth place 1’15” behind and Emil Wingstedt in 5th, 3’40” behind.
“I believe that the fight for the final victory is now precluded – the Norwegian explains – even if I will continue to do my best”.
Heini Wennman is first with a time of 1h:11’45” and precedes Marion Huber by 4’04” and Marttiina Joensuu by 4’43”.
For Wennman this is a special satisfaction. “Last week I got married and this trip to Italy is actually my honeymoon, it could not be better”.