General News
From the 14th of June 2021, Trentino region is marked as “white area” which means that all the restrictions and limitation for sport activities are not in act anymore.
Following that it will be possible to participate to 5 Days Italy 2021 without limitations.
For the safety and respect of all, safety measures will be enhanced during the event such as face masks, safety distance and hand sanitising.

Regulations for Entering Italy
The currently valid regulations for entering Italy are published daily at the Federal Office of Public Health.
For athletes tarking part to international events (of which is also 5 Days Italy 2021) special exemptions are applied as you can read HERE

 Covid-19 Test to return to your home country
For those in need of an antigenic swab test after 5 Days Italy to return home,  we have have arranged the possibility to have a test on Friday 2nd or Saturday 3rd July on local pharmacies. The test costs 10Euro.
To book a Covid antigenic swab test to return home, you can write at or book it at the event center in Paganella.

Covid Prevention Rules for Orienteering Competitions
To prevent the spread of Covid-19 and allow the organisation of orienteering events, FISO the Italian Orienteering Federation have prepared a special protocol for orienteering.
This rules will be followed during 5 Days Italy 2021 Paganella Dolomiti.