Stage 2 – Longi Distance Andalo

It was another smooth day for the Organising team at Andalo. The PWT Italia Squadra is like a well-oiled machine, especially on yet another sunny day in the Trentino mountains. No problems were reported and the only thing missing was the location of the three drinks points on the map – competitors were invited to ‘map-memorize’ their location in the start lanes . 

Today’s planner (and planner for Days 3 & 4) was Marco Bezzi. The start was high to minimise climb – a nice 25 minute walk from the Arena with a welcome water fountain at the top. Marco had spent many hours optimising courses to maximise the technical challenge, yet trying to make it not too physical. Marco was one of the mappers too so he now knows the area like the back of his hand! 

The terrain was very hilly of course so many of the longer legs gave you the choice of trying to go straight, often contouring on steep slopes, or cutting up or down to try and utilise the paths, linking up a choice selection. Most of the time they were not going the way you wanted but it was generally faster on a path than in the terrain. 

Numerous fallen trees were helpfully mapped – when these stretched across a number of contours it could make a difference to route-choice, or they could just aid in the fine navigation “in the circle”. 

Elite stage winners were the same as for yesterday’s sprint: Czech Johanka Simkova on W21E and Swiss runner Silvan Ullmann on M21E. Agnes Norgaard Kracht DEN and Sandra Pauzaite LTU took second and third places amongst the women, and on the men’s course, Siro Corsi SUI and Swede Albin Alsio completed the top 3. With every day to count, there’s everything to play for over the middle distance courses over the next 3 days.  

Tomorrow’s race sees competitors return to the same arena by Andalo’s Ice stadium and congress centre, with not only spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and a café-bar, but also a free kindergarten service in the Andalo Life Family Activity park. 

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