Stage 3 – Middle distance Andalo

Competitors returned to the same arena in the same sunshine for Day 3, a Middle Distance with all 600 orienteers benefitting from a 1:7500 scale. The clouds over the mountain tops did eventually come with some rain but not until all the competitors had gone. Marco Bezzi had again planned some excellent courses, visiting some very runnable and challenging dolomitic terrain. 

Courses gave a somewhat different flavour compared to Stage 2 despite being in adjacent and overlapping areas, with the Stage 3 middle distance throwing competitors into intricate karst forest that was soft underfoot with varying visibility. Some courses saw butterfly loops, then all headed west across the valley before stretching across the steep slope that was tackled the previous day, with numerous pockets of windfall and vague paths climbing up the reentrants. A spectator-friendly downhill finish concluded the stage, which for some was nearly as hilly as the long distance the day before, albeit in marginally lower temperatures. 

The prize-giving took place at 1400  for both Day 2 & 3. Day 2 prize winners took home a delicious tray of Melinda apples, grown here in Trentino by a consortium of 4000 families. Day 3 winners received, alongside their edible medals, berry syrup if they were still Juniors and Seniors won wine from Rotaliana, a local Trentino winery not very far from Andalo – check out 

Day 4 is also in Andalo but will involve a cable car ride up to the Finish/Assembly area. Competitors should remember to bring their wristbands from their Goodie Bags which they received at registration. The competition area is between 1300 – 1600 metres above sea level. 

Results from stage 3

Split times from Stage 3