Some numbers!

TRENTO – The numbers of 5 Days of Italy continues to grow, especially in terms of people registered, with a steady pace. Four months to the first start, and already 1251 people are entered, coming from 24 different countries (including Australia, Hong Kong and the US); there are still more than two hundred places to partecipate in the official classes of this first edition of 5 Days of Italy.
Quickly looking at these numbers, we can see that more than 800 competitors are coming from the Scandinavian countries, with Sweden leading with 430 runners entered. If we compare Men and Women categories, there is almost a tie, with the M classes having some 100 runners more than the W. The oldest runner by now entered is the Suisse Adolf Kempt, born in 1927, while our youngest little lady is the Finn Kiira Tervo as a 5 years old. Information about beginners class has been updated, even if not so many runners are now pre-entered in this and in the Direct classes, which will be the last option after the 1500 competitors threshold will be surpassed.

In the picture you can see Boch Mountain Hut, race area of stage 2 and 3.

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