Stage 3 – Lake Misurina – 5 Days of Italy 2019

Stage 3 will have the same amazing venue as Stage 2, Lake Misurina. Another opportunity to run with right in front of you the 3 Cime di Lavaredo.

The 3rd Stage of the 5 Days of Italy 2019 is a middle distance race.Despite the same finish area, the terrain varies quite a much from what you experienced in Stage 2. For this race, the map covers the slope beside Lake Misurina, the forest is much more slower and presents many rocky areas, alternated with open parts with grass and good runnability.

From the start, the course zig-zags along the side of the mountain taking you down to the finish area at Lake Misurina. It will be important to navigate well in the rocky area to avoid mistakes, paths and ski slopes can be really helpful to relocate and as a good attack point.

As for Stage 2, thanks to its proximity with the mountains, it is highly recommended after the race to enjoy one of the many hikes around the lake or to the 3 Cime di Lavaredo.  For all the possibilities of trekking in the area check out the dedicated article “Trekking and hiking during the 5 Days of Italy 2019”