Stage 4 – Padola Valgrande – 5 Days of Italy 2019

Only 60 days to the 5 Days of Italy 2019, the iconic 5 days orienteering event in the heart of the Dolomites with the majestic 3 Cime di Lavaredo!

The last two races will bring you to the neighbor Comelico Valley in the peaceful area of Padola. 
Stage 4 will be run in the district called Valgranda, from Padola right towards the Dolomites. The terrain presents a really good runnability with a forest of high conifers and some scattered rocks on the ground. Stage 4 will be one of those middle distance where you can totally focus on your orienteering and enjoy nature at its best.

During early November 2018, the area was hit by a really destructive storm which ripped off the trees in some areas. A great effort was put into restoring the ecosystem and the forest and currently only some minor parts with fallen trees are still there. These areas will be well marked on the maps with purple symbols to be easily spotted.

Course lengths are now online, you can check them at: Course data