Summer update

RIGA – As the orienteering Summer goes on, the Auronzo 2019 Committee has launched the new program that will see the next edition of the 5 Days Italy 2019 in another beautiful Dolomite scenery in Northern Italy Dolomites between Auronzo, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Padola/Comelico Superiore and the Misurina lake.
This last days saw us advertising the event at ORingen – Hoga Kusten – and OoCup – Ain, South Jura, France -, the staff of volunteers of the 5 Days Italy has been in these days also in Riga for World Orienteering Championships in Latvia where, in addition to the curiosity of the many fans, the attention of some Elite athletes was caught. Many top runners, after Campiglio 2018 and the appreciation of the technical and challenging terrain of the new maps of Grostè and Campo Carlo Magno, has been interested in the competition.
The presence of the former World champion Emil Wingstedt is confirmed. Auronzo will also not miss the official voice of the Orienteering World Per Fosberg, after the experience of Campiglio and also the exceptional testimonial coming from the Cross Country Ski World – former champion “Grillo” Maurilio De Zolt.

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