Trekking and hiking during 5 Days of Italy

If you are a mountain lover or simply want to visit new and amazing places, you can’t miss the opportunity to hike to 3 Cime di Lavaredo and other stunning location in Auronzo di Cadore valley. Here are our top five trekking suggestions to try if you are coming to the 5 Days of Italy […]


Free transportation to competitions

5 Days of Italy 2019 wants to be even more sustainable and Eco-friendly. In the effort of fighting the global warming, reducing the traffic and cars’ emissions, the entry fees will include also free transportation from the Event Center in Auronzo to the competitions and back. In addition to that it will be possible to […]


Sunny days in Auronzo after the storm, we are now waiting for the snow

Auronzo / Tre Cime di Lavaredo – The big storm that attacked north-eastern Italy last month has passed without too many consequences, despite winds of over 150Km/h and strong rain. Back to the sunshine in Veneto now and all people are working to restore roads and woods in the damaged areas. Fortunately, as already announced, the area of […]


No damage to the forests of Auronzo and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo after the hurricane that hit northern Italy

Despite the Veneto region has been particularly affected by the weather last month, we can say that we were really lucky! The whole area of ​​the 5 Days Italy 2019, from the Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Misurina, to Auronzo and the Comelico Superiore, was in fact safe from the terrible wind that destroyed entire […]


First entry deadline today

AURONZO – We managed to anticipate the winter and, before the snow is coming, we went into next year forests with the map-makers who are doing the last surveys for the maps in the area of ​​Lake Misurina, Val Granda and Padola. Remind that next year all 4 of the 5 stages will be forest […]


Summer update

RIGA – As the orienteering Summer goes on, the Auronzo 2019 Committee has launched the new program that will see the next edition of the 5 Days Italy 2019 in another beautiful Dolomite scenery in Northern Italy Dolomites between Auronzo, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Padola/Comelico Superiore and the Misurina lake. This last days saw […]


Maurilio De Zolt Ambassador of 5 Days of Italy 2019

It’s official: the Olympic and World Champion in cross country skiing Maurilio De Zolt will be Sport Ambassador of 5 Days of Italy 2019 of orienteering, in Dolomites region of Comelico and Cadore.  He will be present at all stages. De Zolt was born in San Pietro di Cadore and continues to live in his native land. Nicknamed […]