The big athletes of Cadore: from De Zolt to Vittozzi, from Piller Cottrer to Constantini – I grandi atleti del Cadore: da De Zolt a Vittozzi, da Piller Cottrer a Constantini

The big athletes of Cadore: from De Zolt to Vittozzi, from Piller Cottrer to Constantini With 5 Days of Italy in the Italian cradle of winter sports, between legends of the past and stars of the future.


Birra Dolomiti – Event Partner

Birra Dolomiti, born in 1897 in the brewery of Pedavena (BL), will be one of the partners of the 2023 edition of 5 Days Italy. It will be an opportunity to test one of their five beers, one for each orienteering stage! And get a taste of the local hops harvested in various municipalities in […]


Max Peter Bejmer at 5 Days Italy 2023

After the memorable summer with the 4th edition of 5 Days Italy, the focus is now all toward the 2023 edition in Centro Cadore.  The field promotion begun officially at the World Cup Final 2022 in Davos (Switzerland), where after the historical 5th place in the really for the Italian team, we met with many […]


SkySport “Icarus” – 5 days Italy 2022

All the emotions of the five stages and the interviews with the champions of 5 Days Italy 2022 are  live on Sky Sport at “Icarus” the 5 Days Italy 2022 in Madonna di Campiglio.


IOF – Young Leaders Academy 2023

The IOF (International Orienteering Federation) and 5 Days Italy will organise the first Young Leaders Academy! From 1st to 8th July 2023 we will welcome young orienteers from allover the world which wants become the organisers of the future. The scope is to support their talent, competencies regarding developing orienteering (train-the-trainers) and to connect worldwide. […]


5 Days of Italy 2023 officially Presented at the Longarone EXPO

5 Days of Italy 2023 officially Presented at the Longarone EXPO Monday 11th October the 5 Days of Italy 2023 was officially presented at the Longarone EXPO. A great opportunity to meet supporters, sponsors, municipalities, entities and fans from all around the world!


The programme presented also in Davos Switzerland

During the phenomenal weekend of World Cups Finals in Davos Switzerland with the historic 5th position of the Italian team in Relay, the 5 Days Italy Staff were there to promote and present the final programme for the 2023 edition in Centro Cadore.      From 1st to 5th July in the Cadore Dolomites with […]


The voice of the 5 days celebrates 30 years in orienteering!

30 years in orienteering: congratulations Stefano Galletti on this milestone! We look forward to seeing you all in Cadore in 2023 where his voice will still be cheering our arrivals and awards ceremonies! Don’t miss this opportunity! http://stegal67.blogspot.com/


The world is just one orienteering map on a larger scale

A month has passed since the 5 Days of Italy 2022 held in Madonna di Campiglio. Some orienteers met up again in Apulia, where the WMOCs were held, others returned home or continued their itinerary of summer competitions or finally went on holiday, putting aside their compasses and chips for once (and, let’s admit it […]


We are present in the O-Ringen Uppsala 2022

At the most important world event, the O-Ringen Uppsala 2022, we are also present with our Expo-area to present the 5 Days of Italy 2023. Cortina, the Dolomiti of Cadore and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo will be the setting for 5 intense days of orienteering. Don’t miss this incredible occasion, we look forward to […]